Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What, Hague Worry?

Poor, Poor council member Jane Hague, once again her terrible staff failed her and quite accidentally (why is this tongue stuck in my cheek?) misrepresented her as having a college degree. News of the phony diplomey somehow happened its way into some four reputable publications.

This isn't to say that those publications aren't to blame for not doing their homework, but the deja-vu-all-over-again that this little spectacle brings to mind is unavoidable. One more in the rash of recent, and not so recent reports that Mrs. Hague can't be held responsible for her actions.
Asked why several "Who's Who" books said she had a bachelor's degree from Western Michigan, Hague said at first, "Beats me." She then speculated that her staff members may have inadvertently filled out forms with incorrect information.
So says the Seattle Times in this report about how she's taking the blame. Sure doesn't sound like it to me. Blame and responsibility are separated by a fine line.

As someone who tries to not get caught up in political malarkey, I just cannot let this woman's continuously trashy behavior pass without comment. Call me a partisan hack, call me what you will. But I say this; If you're unfortunate enough to still be on this woman's staff, I would advise you to start looking for another job. That or assume the position again when your fearless leader swerves her way into the office this morning. She's bound to screw you again.

More, and much better expressed coverage of these disturbing shenanigans can be found if you work your way over to horsesass.org

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